We offer a variety of services, we can customize some of them to fit your needs, our main services are below, please ask to get a quote or about something you need and we will reply within the same day during the week days and on the first weekday morning (GMT-3) if you request it on weekends.


We develop software systems, specially web, but we have done an Android app, which is available in the google app store, we've done python development for Raspberry Pi, some electronics with AVR microcontrollers, some arduino projects and more.

We have two main contract forms, full copyright development, where the client assumes the total cost of the development and keeps the full rights, media and documentation for the system requested, allowing us only to keep image snapshots to show in our port-folio page. The other option is not always available and depends on the fact that we might find the application requested generalizable to add to our product catalog, in which case, we assume the cost of the development and sell the end product for the customer to use without limitation, this option is generally 50% or less of the proprietary design cost.


We can develop basic electronic projects, with the PCB design and software implementation for the AVR microcontroller family, but we only provide electronic design format files (gerbers, bytecode, source, etc.), we do not supply the actual soldered PCB, nor the assembly in line. we do assemble one or two pcbs for our internal usage and test, which we can ship after finishing if required/agreed, our costs are only for the development, we will not invoice the pcb.

Data Entry

We have a data entry assistant that can help your company with the data entry needs, this service is charged by the hour and depends on the job to be done, please request a quotation if you need.

Graphic Design

We liase with a great graphic designer that can solve your graphic needs in a short time, soon we will be providing the graphic port-folio and quotations are based on the job needed, please ask, we will answer as soon as possible within 24hs during weekdays and 48hs during weekends.